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Civic Excellence

I will be the steward to prepare all citizens to participate as active and responsible citizens. I’ll accomplish this loft and laudable goal by supporting and recognizing citizens and institutions that promote an environment and culture where citizens are made aware of; existing or developing opportunities; tools and mechanisms of civic learning and education; engagement and appreciation of the democratic processes, liberties, and responsibilities.

Aristotle is attributed the adage, “a civilization is only as good as its citizens.” 

Civic participation requires citizens to continuously see ourselves as critical stewards within the place we live. Just think, if we all bring passion, purpose, and potentials to our public life, we will be an example how the “invisible hand” in economic doctrine will also deliver the results we aspire for. 

Meaningful and enduring outcomes can be achieved by adopting this philosophy. Our individual aspirations will align with the others and the place we reside, ultimately creating an organic, vibrant and sustainable community.  


How I will make St. Louis City a beacon of Civic Excellence again:


1) Develop extension programs between city personnel and communities


2) Keep citizens informed of the issues affecting the community through outreach programs.


3) Develop corporate, institutional, organizational, and community "partnership" programs. "We're in this thing together!" With the theme being, "we're only as strong as our weakest link."


4) I will personally lead a candid discussions forum.

Paid for by Friends of Andrew Jones, Joe Hodes, Treasurer.
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