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Neighborhood Safety and Law and Order

Establishing public safety is a fundamental obligation I’ll ensure for St. Louis citizens. The safety of the individual and security of property are widely viewed as basic human rights and are essential to the community’s overall quality of life. When the citizenry is not, and does not feel, reasonably safe, other critical local functions such as economic development, public education, businesses, community stability, and basic local government services become that much more difficult to provide. In short, a community’s reputation for public safety heavily influences its appeal as a place to raise a family or open a business, and produces prosperity and growth retrogression/reduction.


 How I plan to solve, control and prevent crime and disorder:

1) I will immediately meet with citizens living in the highest violent crime areas. I will extend this to all Wards in due course. I will take the lead in developing the relationship necessary to build the bridge between the police and citizens. I must convince our citizens that their input and support is necessary to make St. Louis safe and prosperous.

2) Immediately assign a focused taskforce to police known violent criminals. The overwhelming majority of violent crimes are committed by a small number of violent offenders that police are aware of. They have intelligence gathered on their associates and enemies. Most of these crimes are committed in particular areas within the city; even though there has been some activities outside of the typical locales. A focused a concentrated effort would significantly reduce these violent criminal activity. 

3) I would also integrate other policing approaches such as Intelligence-Led Policing. This tool helps police to better use crime and intelligence data to direct police resources and investigations aimed at disrupting organized crime networks and activities, and apprehending active and prolific offenders. This program is a value-add to existing tools and technology currently used.

4) I certainly embrace Broken Windows Policing. The policy asserts that unaddressed signs of minor disorder can cause more serious crimes in the area. Our current state has realized an emboldened lower level criminal expanding their criminality. It is suggested this is happening because they realize that police have been prohibited from doing their jobs, and that there is a vacuum in leadership. Scholarship has demonstrated that police attention to minor disorder has substantially reduced more serious crime. Criminals realize that criminal activity on all levels will not be tolerated; and just as important, they know that leadership is in full support and will not cower and demur.

5) I would implement Community Policing. Nearly all modern policing reforms include some elements of, variations on, or subset of it. My working definition of community policing is based on the idea that police should work closely with citizens to cultivate public trust and better address citizens safety concerns.

6) I will determine the optimal size of our police force based on the metrics, and the effective use of our highly trained officers. We must verify any additions to police manpower. If we believe our citizens carry a heavy tax burden, then why increase their burden when it is not necessary. I would be shirking my ethical and fiduciary responsibility as Mayor.

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